About FASE

The FASE Group experience, depth, achievements

How We Started

A group of like-minded consultants came together to create an organization that takes pride in providing the best consulting services possible. With our attention to detail our goal is to maintain the highest-level of customer satisfaction and we do that by understanding the needs of the employer.

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FASE Group Operations Manager

With experience in every vertical, we specialize in Healthcare, Retail, and Public Sector organizations.

Driven by Values

Teamwork, Transparency, Trust.

FASE Group Leadership

Mary C. Sarracino

CEO, SeniorHCM Specialist, Founder

FASE Group Key Personnel

Meredith Stevens

Senior HCM Consultant

Justin Raskin

Business Development Executive

Brian Gooden

Senior WFM Consultant

Guyla Grover

Senior HCM Consultant

Jeannette Bachellor

Senior HCM Consultant

Tom Price

Senior Developer