Our partners are integrated with our team where we make every effort to stay current with product knowledge and maintain our mutual goal of satisfied clients

Ultimate Software

As a certified consulting partner, we assist clients using UltiPro solutions to enhance their utilization of the product capabilities.  Services range from new workflows, custom reports, to implementing new features and modules.  Please click here to go to the Ultimate website.


We work closely with Westward when custom for supplemental staffing for Kronos support is needed for clients.  Additionally, retail customers can consider scheduling and other retail solutions maintained by Westward Consulting.

IT Image

Healthcare IT Leaders is a services organization that specializes in with hospitals and healthcare systems industry to meet their enterprise and IT requirements.  Their “customer first” philosophy matches our customer success mission to provide best resources for each need. More information is provided on their website:

MarketforBrand is our key partner in providing The FASE Group with digital marketing transformation services for revenue growth.  We share the same philosophy that excellence starts and ends with our ability to deliver outstanding services for Ultipro and Kronos customers.  MarketforBrand is doing a great job in helping us with marketing communications of our vision, brand and offers using the latest approaches in digital and online marketing.

We are continuously seeking new partners to better our services and help our clients.

Our Industries

Public Sector – Educations

Our extensive experience with K-12 and Higher Education customers goes beyond just implementing a solution, we provide the additional expertise to help with Teacher Contract Management, 9 or 10 over 12 pay policies, and state reporting requirements.

Public Sector – Government

Having our early start in local government, Our Team understands the reporting requirements of federal, state, and local for employee data along with the need to have and maintain comprehensive data security.


From large healthcare organizations to smaller post non-acute services, our 20 years of HCM and WFM experience enables our Team to be inclusive of medical staff scheduling to complex Payroll Based Journal reporting.

Retail and Gaming

HCM requirements for Retail companies run the gamut of complexity – typically with seasonal and ongoing staff turnover.

Gaming organizations have further needs for tipped staff, variable and on call schedules along with extensive background verification.


The FASE Group understands the unique needs of hourly workers and project/activities tracking.