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Payroll Connect

Payroll Connect (formerly JPI) integrates employee
data changes from Microsoft Dynamics HR to 3rd party
Payroll solutions, such as ADP & UKG Pro Payroll.

Key Benefits

We understand your requirements and provide quality that works.


Improves data integrity by reducing keying errors


Cuts payroll processing costs by minimizing redundant
data entry

Load Time

Payroll data can be loaded back into Dynamics with the bi-directlonal option

More Options

Payroll data is added, expanding the HRP reporting capabilities


Employees are able to view their paychecks through the extended HRP Self Service

Exploring a new solution, or requiring assistance with your current system?

Our team provides around the clock customer support, no matter the concern.

Let’s Work Together

Schedule a consultation with one of our team members and optimize your UKG software solutions today.